Aug 22, 2020

This is the first post in a series about lesser known places in NYC that have unusual and strange histories that have largely affected their present states. the series is titled: Dark Ecologies of NYC


Dark Ecologies of NYC builds on the term “Dark Ecology” coined by the Scholar Timothy Morton. Dark ecology, as described by Morton, is in a sense ecological awareness, which often begins as dark and depressing. That initial darkness eventually yields to the weird and uncanny, allowing for a strange “dark-sweet” sensation to overcome the viewer. The awareness that arrives when the weirdness sets in is both a riddle and a change in mindset - How one becomes accustomed to something strange and yet that strangeness never ceases to become less strange.

Trash Club wants to highlight the movements and groups built around NYC’s Dark Ecologies, beginning with Newtown Creek.

Newtown Creek’s own dark ecology is situated within a history of industrialization, pollution, regional cleanup, and subsequent art, research, and community movements in the area.

Below are links to specific projects, organizations, and notable people who have documented and worked within Newtown Creek. It is not a complete list but we will work to update it to keep it as expansive as possible!

Field Guides & Resources:

Local Groups:

Notable People: